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The Brief Introduction Of The Company
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Silicon seals industry Co. Ltd. is a professional rubber products manufactured factory.It manufactured professional oil ring , oil seal , Boots lining and all kinds of rubber material products.

The conception of our company


Empfasized the high quality -- The whole procedure of production all designed the quality of control point , and all of our members participated the rigid quality control in order to provided the products of the best quality to our guests.

二、 To hand over our products rapidly and exactly. If you ordered the products of our company , We will do our best effort and exactly to achieve the date when your company requested.
三、 Proffered the professional and prompt service , any questions you will have , We will response as soon as possible.
四、 To reduce the capital efficacious , meanwhile , our factory ensure the quality of our products , We will work hard and indefatigable to request the improvement of our procedure technology . And devoted the scientific control , in order to attain the best quality , the lowerest price , to assisted your company achieved the highest competemnt.
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Our applicance of equipment


Vacuum type oil hydraulic molding machine

二、 Rubber injection molding machine
三、 Rubber vulcanization injection molding machine
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Main products of our company




Oil seals

三、 Packings
四、 Boots lining.
五、 Another various kinds of rubber products



Company profile
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